11.04.12 – Violent computer games does not a psycho make! A new job for The Hog

Been writin’ in English for a couple of days – am go’nna try get Martyn (resort administrator extraordinaire here at Bamboo Hideaway on Koh Mak in Thailand) to read a few pages. If you’re ‘English challenged’: too bad…

Anyhows – hope all’s well back home in cold cold Denmark (-7 Celcius) – I am pigging out on holiday, doing drinks, desserts, lounging and generally inactivity – good times!

No, violent computer games does not make you psychotic or violent

New research demonstrates that previous studies that seemed to show a link between violent computer games and ex-computer violence were biased and using unhealthy scientific methods.

Eg. one study which showed violent tendencies after gaming, where the correct translation of the results was that the gamers needed to play physically after a long session of sitting down gaming. ‘Physically active’ is not the same as ‘violent’…

The study shows (no great surprise for anyone else than the ‘let us save you from yourselves’-segment) that hardcore gamers necessarily must be good at teamworking, strategy, planning and cooperation – not indicative of your standard shooting spree psycho…

I already knew this; but now I also have the science to back up, that Mathias – ultra badass FPS gamer (MW III) might just turn out alright anyhow 🙂

Btw: the old fear that violent computer games’ll produce violent players stem all the way back from when computer games had VGA resolution and a massive amount of imagination had to be used to ‘see’ what was going on on-screen…


Badass fighter gets a new assignment

The A-10 Thunderbolt, ‘The Hog’, ‘the flying bathtub’, tank killer extraordinaire is due for a new assignment.

‘The Hog’ is to be used to measure and examine thunder storms. The logic is somethin’ like: if the Serbs, Hussein’s Presidential Guarde and the Taliban can’t take it down, then neither will a thunderstorm 🙂


This is the only kind of spam I receive - hmmm..........

10 most badass movie lines

‘…you looking at me?’



3 kommentarer til “11.04.12 – Violent computer games does not a psycho make! A new job for The Hog

  1. Day 984

    Today my captors opened the door to freedom for me!
    I must admit, that this came as a bit of surprise, even though my canine inmate had been running in extra energized circles for a week or so, while my captors smiled and mentioned “springtime”.
    But here I am, sitting only a territorial squint away from the doorstep, but on the *outside*, only the day after my attempt of suffocating a warden by resting on its breathing orifices.
    I see now, that the world is a big place – A place worthy of my dominion. So I have decided to make this place the center of my realm – at least until I find better accomodations.
    So world beware – here comes the Tomcat!

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